Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Interactive Web Design

I just found this website whilst doing some research, and I think it's a nice, fun example of interactive web design. You can 'draw' anywhere with your mouse (or tablet) and it will reveal an image which can be clicked to enlarge and view the info/picture. Or you can search by drawing a vertical line, and create a load of news links by drawing a horizontal one. The diagonal line deletes things you've already drawn, and there's still a nav bar at the bottom for if you'd rather not 'interact.'
The whole thing is great:


Other nice websites:


insidepiet | This is amazing when you look around and see how everything's done, especially how the projects are displayed. I suspect this site will always be amazing even when my post is out of date.

m1-design | Flash portfolio of German design studio M1 Design.

greydient | Nice how you can choose the speed to navigate with the mouse.

fringefocus | I love how when you choose a project to view, the other projects stay on the page, arranged around the current one.

midtonedesign | The simplicity works very well, has a nice clean feel and looks great.


teoskaffa | Hover over the thumbnails and the whole image pieces together around it. :)

serialcut | Nice and simple, easy to use and utilizes space well!

soft | Nice sound effects too.




And finally: bio-bak | Nice and odd, and great interaction.


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